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APPENDIX C                                  163

as is hereby expressly mentioned, and shall not be
liable to contribute to or make good any general
or particular average loss or expenditure or other
charges of a like nature which may happen to or
be sustained by or incurred in respect of the said
ship or her cargo or freight upon the said voyage
in consequence of perils of the sea or otherwise.
Signed, sealed, and delivered by the said
in the presence of



THE following is the form of Lloyd's Respondentia Bond—

•«->>o4- T Ahft Master of the original Ship or other person having\
uudL j. ^ charge of the cargo qm4 intending to forward it /

am held and firmly bound unto (the lender)

of                                in the sum of

sterling British money, to be repaid to the


his agent, attorney, executors, administrators,

or assigns, for which payment I bind myself, my

heirs, executors, and administrators, and also

bind and hypothecate the cargo of

laden or to be laden on board the ship (F°sSpding)

for the voyage aforementioned firmly by these


Sealed with my seal                           Dated this 1^^^

day Of                    19                ihouldbe

i. .   .                                             varied

WHEREAS the Ship (*gg*)

lately arrived at

in distress in the course of a voyage from

to                                       with the

above-named cargo,  and the said vessel being
found incapable of carrying on the said cargo the

•j /the Master of the original ship or othen
5aja V   person having charge of the cargo   /

determined in the interest of all parties concerned
to forward the said cargo to its destination in the

ship /Forwardingx
*   v    Ship      /